Sample Accutrak Reports

The referenced reports are just samples of what you can have with the Accutrak system. The user has the choice of how to display data. Accutrak just makes it easy. At your finger tips you can have data that shows how much business you did between any two dates. These dates can define a month or perhaps the duration of a recent advertising campaign. How effective were those ads on hte radio? With Accutrak you can find out!

Check out these samples that were easily constructed using our report generation feature.

Money Report from Sept 1 to 26 This reports shows all revenue collected during a specific period organized by revenue classes; Automatic revenue, Bay revenue and Vacuum revenue. The percentage of revenue from each class is displayed in pie chart making it easy to rapidly determine the relative importance of each revenue class.

Usage Report from Sept 1 to 26 This report shows the usage of services provided at a by during a particular period. This data can be useful for determining the effectiveness of in-bay instructions. Do your customers take advantage of the foaming brush? If not, they are not obtaining the best wash and consequently may decide to revert to the bucket in the driveway.

Counts, Times & Values Accutrak can count or time any activity. This report shows both the counts and the times associated with a typical wash. This data could be used to ensure that you have no "silent partners" if you use employees to handle the money.